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Order and purchase a box that is built to your specifications, including refrigeration,glass doors and ramps as some of the options

Rudy's manufactures walk-in cooler & freezer plug doors in sizes up to 72" W X 96" H.

Two styles are available: flush mount plug door with frame or an overlap door with face case frame which is good for many brands of walk-ins.

About Us

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RUDY’S REFRIGERATION officially opened for business in 1947, un-officially its origins can be traced back several decades before.

William E. Plant was working on a law degree in Paris, Texas when World War 2 started.  He came out west to Richmond, California to work in the shipyards. It is here he fulfilled
his thirst for knowledge by studying refrigeration and electrical engineering in the shipyards.

After the war was over, William returned to Paris, Texas, and made a complete U-turn back to California. California was going to be able to provide him with a better economic future and allow him to own his own business. He purchased the business from Rudy Ball( the original owner) and started running it, learning on the job. At that time, he repaired both household and commercial refrigerators.

In 1974, his son, Ben  Plant joined his father and took over the commercial division of the business. At this time, they discontinued the residential business, for it was fruitless competing against the big retail chains. Ben started installing refrigeration systems for Denny’s, Sambo’s and Derwienershintzels in 11 western states. He was also the factory rep for Freidrich Refrigertion (a competitor of Hussmann, Tyler, Kysor Warren and Hill Phoenix Refrigeration systems). In 1984, Ben started manufacturing walk-in cooler and freezers under their own Rudy’s brand name.

Rudy’s products have been installed in California State projects (schools, prisons, hospitals, and shelters), Their products can also be found at Air force bases, grocery stores, restaurants, florists, breweries, laboratories, and universities all over the US.


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